Violet Reed

Executive Director in Training

Violet Reed is the Executive Director in training for Mevo. She has been actively involved with Mevo since 2017 where she was a farm crew intern. Since then, she has grown with Mevo from an intern, to the 2018 Trail Crew Leader, to apprenticing under the current Mevo staff for her new role. Violet graduated Summa Cum Laude from Seton Hall in December of 2018 with a major in English, a minor in Environmental Studies, and the completion of the Honors Program. During her time at Seton Hall, she implemented a campus-wide environmental campaign, Blue Goes Green, to increase environmental awareness and action on campus which included the implementation of a reusable cup program at on-campus cafes and eateries. She also assisted in the selection of an environmentally based freshman class reading book for 2019. Violet’s environmental efforts at Seton Hall awarded her the Vice President’s Award for Exemplary Student Service in the spring of 2018, the highest leadership awarded to a graduating senior at Seton Hall. Post her fall 2018 graduation, Violet spent four months at Punta Mona, a permaculture botanical farm and retreat center, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica where she received her permaculture design certificate and spent her time volunteering by living with a community of volunteers tending to the farm, making herbal medicines, and later managing the hospitality-end of the center. Violet feels that there is power in the role that small-scale organic agriculture can have on the coalition of local communities and that humans can heal the damage they have done to our land through restorative agriculture, permaculture principles, and most importantly through an encouraged and shared vision for human and other natural systems working in harmony with each other. A driving force of Violet’s work is backed by her belief that every being has the right to live in and enjoy a clean and healthy environment. She feels very lucky to spend the next chapter of her life with Mevo curating her community’s natural and social environment and inspiring others to do so as well.

When she’s not at Mevo, Violet can be found foraging for wild foods and medicinals, climbing, reading, practicing her Spanish or planning her next escapade abroad.