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The Threats facing bees

Bees play an important role in the overall health of the ecosystem and they are vital to human agriculture and food production. One of the biggest threats to the bee population is widespread pesticide usage. Bees absorb toxins from pesticides directly through their exoskeleton, from contact with tainted nectar and through contact with insecticidal dust on their pollen-collecting hairs. Pesticide intake can result in symptoms such as disorientation, paralysis, and death.

At MEVO we are working to create a more sustainable system of agriculture which does not rely upon the usage of pesticides. Through the creation of sustainable farms, such as MEVO’s Fresh Roots Farm, we are working to provide pollinators with a source of non-contaminated pollen and improve the health of the bee population.


Our beekeeping practice
We currently operate 19 beehives most residing at our BCC farm location in Paramus, New Jersey. So far we have collected over 700 pounds of honey from our bees!

At MEVO we practice responsible beekeeping and apiary management techniques to ensure that our bees are healthy and well taken care of. We devote time to inspecting our hives, feeding them sugar water, splitting hives into NUCS, harvesting honey, tracking our hive growth, treating for mites, and catching the inevitable swarms. We teach children and community members about sustainability and the importance of honey bees and other pollinators within our ecosystem. In addition, we construct pollinator meadows to encourage a healthy population of pollinators.

How to get involved
Interested in learning more about bees and getting hands of experience working with beehives? Come volunteer with our beekeepers! We have the necessary equipment for beekeeping so all you would have to bring is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn! Contact us at


See a swarm?
We would love to give these bees a home! Swarms are actually very peaceful as they do not have a hive to protect and are therefore easy for us to box up and bring to a farm! Contact Eric Fuchs-Stengel / 201-316-4888

Hive reclamation
Have a honey bee nest living in your home? No problem! We can come remove it and give them a safe place to live! Contact Eric Fuchs-Stengel / 201-316-4888