MEVO cultivates anywhere from fifteen to twenty hives of european honey bees in the apiary on our FRF. Honey Bees are crucial to any healthy farming operation. Not only do they increase farm field production by up to 15? percent but they encourage increased fertility in the surrounding environment. At our farm, that means the woods of Campgaw Reservation and surrounding suburban neighborhoods; honey bees are known to forage upwards of ten miles from their hives! We also keep honey bees because now more than ever it is important to do what we can to preserve our powerful pollinators whose population is in danger due to factors like chemical laden fields, the Varroa mite, and industrialized bee-keeping practices. Without honey bees many of our favorite fruits like squash, watermelon, apples, zucchini and more would be non-existent. A world without honey-bees would of course mean no honey! Once a year during late summer, we harvest honey from our hives, taking enough for us to sell and give to our CSA members but leaving plenty for the bees own stores for the winter.

Buying local honey supports beekeepers that value ethical practices of beekeeping which in turn provide you with pure, raw, local honey!