Food Forest


In addition to our intensively tended farm field, we like to create dichotomy at FRF by also maintaining a food forest near the back end of our field. A food forest is a laxly maintained growing space that is meant to mimic a forest by encouraging the growth of native plants that are edible, medicinal, beneficial to pollinators, and habit providing for wildlife. Food forests develop through positive feedback meaning that everything planted or desired in it will not be ready at once; rather the productivity of our forest builds each year. For example, our  berry bushes can produce fruit in as little as one season but our asparagus takes at least two and our paw paws anywhere from 4-6. The food forest is inspired by permaculture and so the plants that grow there are mainly perennials (regenerate year after year) which bolsters both the health of our soil and the yield we can exact from the plants year after year. Not everything in our food forest was intentionally planted as it is also a space for native plants to find their way and take root!