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 For those corporations looking to get their employees out into their surrounding community, we offer corporate volunteer opportunities at our farm. Employees will get a chance to receive a detailed tour of FRF which includes an explanation of our market-garden styled fields, our greenhouse, our apiary, and our food forest. Additionally, they will be given the opportunity to take part in our farm operations through a few hours of guided work on our premises. MEVO enjoys inviting those who may be otherwise disconnected, through vocation, to farming and the outdoors. Therefore, the MEVO staff strives to provide a fulfilling and educational volunteer day to our volunteers. The work that we ask our volunteers to do varies depending on season but could include helping to prepare our beds for planting, tarping our fields for winter, working with our composing operation, etc.  Employee groups can come for a four hour day that includes a farm tour and on-farm working experience or a six hour day if they would like to take lunch at the farm as well. Volunteer day arrangements and inquiries can be sent to: