It is estimated that worldwide ⅔ of the food produced goes to waste, which means most of it goes into the landfills. At Farm we try and redirect food waste from the garbage cans into our composting cages housed at the back end of our farm. Compost is taking organic waste such as egg shells, fruits and veggies, coffee grounds, etc. and mixing it with straw or leaves to create a rich soil amendment for farming and gardening. From start to finish it takes two years for a pile of compost to be ready for use, so we always have at least three cages in varying stages of decomposition at a time. We collect food waste from local supermarkets, farmers markets, local business, and even our own staff and volunteers. The finished compost that is produced is a soil amendment which provides needed nutrients to our crops, and we’re thrilled to be able to do it with food waste that would otherwise be sent to the landfills.